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List of sites where to find short, medium and longterm accommodation in Barcelona

Posted by edux127 on October 13, 2006

I know the problem to find accommodation when you arrive to Barcelona and you are looking for some place to live.

Here I would like to provide some sites where to find good rooms and apartments. They are sites not very well know between foreign people, because some of them are in spanish or catalan.

Long term accommodation

There are two very good sites to find long term accommodation. In both sites they will offer you apartments to rent in Barcelona. Long term rentals in Barcelona arregulated by the LAU (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos, Urban Renting Law), and normally the contract will be for minimum 1 year and with the possibility to extend the contract 4 more years. Every owner of any apartment will you ask for some guaranties. The usual ones are:

  • To have a job in Barcelona. The cost of the apartment must be maximum the 30% of the incomes.
  • A fee of 1 month to pay the agency.
  • 1 month as a deposit (2 if the aparment is furnished)
  • The payment of the current month.
  • Extra 4 month of deposit if you dont have a good job, or you are an student.

 The best sites working in Barcelona are:

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Medium Term Accommodation

Due to all the documentation and money that cost to rent an apartment, when you are in Barcelona to stay for less than a year, most of the people just rent a room in a shared apartment.

There are many rooms in shared apartment. But sometimes to find a perfect room is quite difficult. The main problem is the quality of the rooms. There are many rooms where you dont have even a window, or they are in a horrible apartment, and usually finding a nice room takes some days and requires visiting hundrets of rooms. However, if you are lucky, you will find a nice room in the city centre.

The cost of a room in the city centre may be around 350Euros. You can find something cheaper if you move from the centre to Upper City, or to the University. Ciutat Vella is more expensive.

The best sites where you will find rooms ads are:

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!!!!!!!!!!!Please, help me! If you know other sites to complete a helpful list to find accommodation in Barcelona, please write it in a comment and I will update it inmediatly!!!!!!!!!!!

Short Term Rental

If you come to Barcelona just to visit or for tourism, you would like to find a room in a hotel. Hotels in Barcelona are expensive. Now in Barcelona is very popular to rent a room in Bed and Breakfast. They are small hotel-business where you can find a nice room in the centre for the cost of a bed in a dormitory. I have tried some and you enjoy a private double room for just 30 Euros per person.

Here I paste some interesting links to hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona:

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!!!!!!!!!!!Please, help me! If you know other sites to complete a helpful list to find accommodation in Barcelona, please write it in a comment and I will update it inmediatly!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Responses to “List of sites where to find short, medium and longterm accommodation in Barcelona”

  1. Dani said

    You might also try the ‘tauló d’anuncis’ at for middle-term rentals.

  2. edux127 said

    Thank you Dani for the tip. I will introduce it. It is a good site

  3. Scott said


    you missed one very important

    it was very helpful when i moved to Spain few months ago

  4. edux127 said

    True! I missed this one. I will put it now.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  5. Rod said

    thanks for the links, appriciated!

  6. Luis said

    Thank you for the information.In spite of my spanish nacionality,I have very dificulties for to find flat or room.

  7. xavi said

    You might also want to try ‘vivirama’, an international housing listings website that’s integrated with Google Maps. The website is relatively new (as of November 2006) but you can already find several rooms and apartments in Barcelona (all of them recent, because they expire in 30 days)

  8. Carlito said

    Thanks for the links. One question: I checked out and found the prices listed had three 0’s to the right of the decimal point, instead of two. Is that normal, or am I getting the prices confused? If not, they seem like very good rates. I hope so…

  9. edux127 said

    Dear Carlito,

    First of all, the correct site is instead of .com Answering your question, you must know that thousands are usually separed from the hundreds, decimals and units by a coma or a point. For example, one thousand one hundred Euros will be 1.100 Euros

    Unfortunately, you won´t find any apartment for ONE POINT ONE Euro…

    Hope it helps you!


  10. Consuelo said

    I have a question for you. I have a cousin that decied he was going to go see Europe and back pack. While he was in Italy he was robbed and is now on the streets begging for food. He doesn’t have a place to go until December 23rd, and we would like to set up a place for him to stay until then. He’s a wonderful kid and hard worker willing to do just about anything to help out anyone. He will be flying from Spain I belive.
    Thank you.

  11. edux127 said


    I recommend you to contact some place in the websites of medium or short term accommodation and find a room for him. He must go there for the interview, and if the owner agrees, you will have to pay the whole amount of the stay(1 month). I dont thing it is going to be difficult.

    Good luck!


  12. ale said

  13. xena said

    Also you can search for particular location from map :

    Then in the right side menu there is an option :

    Ver pisos en esta zona.

    if you click there , it will take you directly to search results of web page idealista.

  14. Charles said

    There are many sites in Barcelona to find a flat, room, etc. Barcelona is a great city!!!

    Look at the following new site of classifieds:

    Just opened today!

  15. Charles said

    Try the new site:

    Let’s give it a chance!

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