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A night at the FC Barcelona Stadium

Posted by edux127 on October 16, 2006

I went to Barcelona to visit my little brother that I hadn’t seen in two months, but apart from that the thing I was mostly looking forward to was the fact that I finally would be able to see a game at stadio Nou Camp. I had seen FC Barcelona plenty of times before, in Sweden, in Italy and in Spain, but never on homeground. The stadium is, I believe, the world’s biggest, taking around 98 000 spectators (exactly 98 934 actually) and is quite something special! I went there to see the Champions League-game between Barcelona and Panathinaikos (Greece). I bought the tickets by Internet, thru an agency called Great stadium, great amount of spectators (around 60 000) and a fantastic game. FC Barcelona won 5-0, but still the atmosphere was crap. Definately the worst I’ve ever heard/seen at a game this big. The only one singing a bit was the Greek away supporters, but when FC Barcelona early on did 2-0 also they stopped singing. Apart from that there were only a few chants of “Barca Barca Barca” from the FC Barcelona faithtful. Embarassing… But the evening was magic anyway, and it’s definately something everyone who have even the slightest interest in football should visit! Around the stadium you can find a lot of different souvenirs for sale, but they are both fake and expensive. Three-four double the price from what is for sale in Italy before the games.. Something we didn’t have the time to do, but I still can recommend, is a visit to the stadium on a day when there isn’t a game. Then you can visit the FC Barcelona museum, with all their silverware and also old souvenirs and memories from the past. It’s also possible to take a tour, and going into the stadium through the player tunnel. You can’t stand on the grass though, and neither take part in the FC Barcelona-training… 😉

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