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FC Barcelona at Camp Nou, much more than a game

Posted by edux127 on November 6, 2006

Even if you’re just a little bit interested in soccer than you should take the trip to the Nou Camp stadium and visCamp Nouit the museum of the FC Barcelona! You see a lot of their cups and medals and photos of victory, history of the club (with all the sports they do, not only soccer but also basketball, rugby etc), the famous players, the boots and jersey of the legendary Bernd Schuster and Diego Maradona for example. What I really liked was the old soccer memorabilia – an old ticket booth, the dressing room, a sports pub, old soccer magazines, board games, balls and other equipment etc. The best of all is of course the view from the president’s seat in the stadium. It is huge (I mean the stadium!) and has an exciting atmosphere even with nobody but a few visitors around. It gives you the shivers thinking about 100,000 supports singing and cheering and just 22 guys fighting on the pitch. You get back to reality in the huge shop with everything from soccer boots, pens, cups, ashtrays, mouse pads and Barca crisps…

Visit to the Museum is 5 Euro, you can do a guided tour with the dressing rooms, press room and a lot more for 10 Euro.

Address: Aristides Maillol
Directions: Entrance 7 for the museum, signs are not that great so look for the 7!! Metro L5 to Collblanc
FC Barcelona Tickets

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