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Safety tips for Barcelona travellers

Posted by edux127 on November 23, 2006

Barcelona is nowadays, one of the most popular cities in Europe. Its architecture, ambience, the weather, the people… the souls of Barcelone atracts everyday thousands of tourists to the city. But also to a lot of dark people… Though Barcelona is a friendly city,
Barcelona do have its darker side.

Of late the city has witnessed too many crimes. Normally they are not violent, but small thefts and burglary, which sometimes causes big problems specially for tourist from out of the UE, from the USA, or Japan…However, theft and burglary are not confined to tourists only; residents of the city also face problems of pick pocketing and chain snatching.This is the biggest risk one faces on the streets of
Barcelona, Spain. Here you will find some interesting tips for Barcelona.

One should be alert in the crowded places, metro/busses and areas such as Raval and the famous Rambles. If you are just arriving be aware of pickpockets at the bus terminal Estació del Nord and train station Sants Estació. It is wise to take care of your backpack and handbags. Pay attention to sellers. There are many kind of them, flowers sellers, umbrellas sellers… Don’t speack with them…

When surfing the Internet in internet cafes, airport, even in the arrival hall, you may probably be approached by individuals masquerading as foreigners and claiming they have been robbed, and asking you for some 50 or 100 Euros. Be prepared to face this kind of situations.

Some of the places where you should cautiously tread in the city include Plaça Reial, the Raval, and the old town.

It is better to travel in group. Women when traveling alone should exercise caution in exploring the more isolated parts of Montjuïc. The city beaches, particularly the ones adjoining Barceloneta, have proven to be quite lucrative for bag-snatchers.

Men should be aware of aggressive prostitutes. Especially in the wee hours on Las Ramblas, often they are with thieves and robbers. Stories abound of guys’ belongings being stolen while their pants were down in dark back-streets. Be prepared.

If you are travelling by car, read this. This is the latest version of thefts in Barcelona.


If you are driving with your own car, showing in your plate that you are a tourist, be careful. The last

 version of robberies, which is becoming extremely popular, is that someone with a motorbike stops you and aware you that your tire is flat. Maybe the criminals flat your tire before and waited for your to take your care. However, someone with a motorbike will tell you that your tire is flat, and you will stop.


When you are out of your car, another person will come to you and will try to help you, telling you where is the nearest garage in Barcelona. While you are distracted by this person, someone else (the one of the motorbike) will robb you everything from the car, luggage, bags, purses….BE VERY CAREFUL


Caution should also be taken on traffic lights. At times incidents of bag snatching while stopped at the traffic lights have also come to light where thieves open the car doors and take what they can. Please make sure that you always have your car doors locked during both the night and the day.

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