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Great experiences at the FC Barcelona Stadium. Where to buy Barcelona Tickets

Posted by edux127 on January 10, 2007

In Barcelona there are hundreds of thing to do and see… One of the most exiting experiences in the city is to fit in a football game at the famous Nou Camp Stadium during your weekend. With a crowd capacity of just under 100,000 and a home crowd bordering on the fanatic, home games are always popular and you will ever have fun. If FC Barcelona is not playing at home for your planned weekend, you can also visit the FC Barcelona Museum (the second most visited in Catalunya), or maybe take a tour in the stadium, visiting the inside area of a football club with millions of fans around the world. You can see where Ronaldinho have a shower after the game, where Etoo give his opinion of the game to the journalists…

Remember that most home games are on Sunday evenings, so make sure your flight home is either late Sunday or Monday. However, if the TV rights are bought (especially for league leader games), the match can be changed to the Saturday night. Just in case, make sure you’re here for both nights, and we will advise the week before. If this clashes with other activities, we can normally change these around the football.

Here I paste a link to an official ticket agent for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Tickets

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