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After holidays, festival again!

Posted by edux127 on September 3, 2007

In Barcelona, the new academic year starts in September.  Most people returns from holidays with sleepy eyes, without any motivation for work this week.

In this month, the most important festival is the “la Mercè”.

The Merce is the patron saint of Barcelona. The Merce day is the 24th of September. There will be the live performance, concerts, castellets, gigantes(giants parades) and so on all over the city of Barcelona. The official site of this festival is still under costruction, so when it’s finished, I will talk about that again.

 If you have already planned to come to Barcelona between 22th(Sat.) and 24th(Mon.) of September, it might be better to book the hostal or hotel ASAP. Because every year there are many tourists who can’t get the room to stay and they have to have a sweet dream in the street or to go clubbing all night long. Well, that is the another way of enjoy and the feel the real Barcelona life, though… 

 And watch out! The 24th of September, most of the shops in Barcelona will be closed!

I recommend you the following sites: Barcelona Apartments  you can enjoy your stay as if you were the one of citizen of Barcelona with full-equipped kitchen, living room and bath  etc…  You can also book only one room.

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