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Tired of pick pockets in Barcelona!! Some security tips…

Posted by edux127 on April 21, 2008

I am tired of hearing everyday, new cases of robberies, pick pocketing, thiefs, etc. in Barcelona! We need to do something, and I propose to collect signatures to present them in the City Council.

Everyday, thousands of tourists in Barcelona get the vacations ruined because of the lack of security in the city center, while goverment just car about ticketing bad parked cars or even the most evil danger of fast bicicle riders…

Since nor the police, nor the goverment are going to do anything by the moment, here goes some secuity tips to be followed if you dont want to contribute with your savings to the thiefs collective of Barcelona:

  1. Never carry with you a lot of money. The risk to be a victim of a pick pocket in Barcelona is extremely high. Bring just some Euros for the day, and leave the rest at the security box of your hotel.
  2. Pay a lot of attention to your personal things in places with a lot of people, as Las Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, subway, etc…
  3. Keep a meter of distance between and ANY stranger who comes to you for ANY reason. Pick pockets thiefs are not very clever, and they use stupid excuses to get in touch with you, like playing a ball between your feed, and meanwhile, they take your wallet away; also I saw once in Park Guell a couple of thiefs that threw something similar to a bird shit, and then tried to clean it, and the pockets of the tourists… I advised them, and avoid the action, thought.
  4. If driving, NEVER STOP by any excuse. Sometimes, someone will tell you that you have a flat tire. NEVER, NEVER stop! If you do, probably you will lose the luggage, and it is a really bad inconvenience.
  5. Dont explore the RAVAL neighbourhood. It is VERY dangerours. Zones to avoid in the center: RAVAL, and everything at the left of the Ramblas. The are inside the streets Via Layetana, Princesa Street, Sant Pere Mes Alt and Comerç st. I will soon publish a map with the DANGER areas of Barcelona.
  6. In restaurants, bars, cafes, never leave the hand bag behind you. It is better to fire the bag…

I will propose to add your comment about how you were robbed in Barcelona, the street name, and explain what happened. I will send it to the City Council when I have some of them.

Good luck!!

5 Responses to “Tired of pick pockets in Barcelona!! Some security tips…”

  1. Lissa said

    Hola, Im going to be a student at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I am from North Borneo, Malaysia. I would like to ask if you have any information about Cerdanyolla Valles? Are there any market area and what type of fruits and food normally do they sell. Where would be the best place to buy budget food for cooking? Please can you share some tips with me. Thank You very much!

  2. Eduardo said

    Dear Lissa,

    Cerdanyola del Vallés is close to Barcelona, around 20 minutos by car from Barcelona. You can take a look at

    Spanish food is mediterranean, and it is the best of Europe. Normally in all cities there is a central market, where you can buy all kind of regional food, from fruit, to meat, fish, etc. More and more people buy in supermarkets, similar to the big ones coming from the States, like WallMart, etc…

    For spanish receipes, take a look here search in google for “spanish food”

    Best wioshes,


  3. Be carefull specailly while being in the Underground. Teenage foreign girls from Eastern Europe are brought to Spain by mafias promising them a job and then are forced to rob turists. Also watch your belongings while you are in a bar having a drink. These moments of relax are also used by pick pockets to get their jobs done.

    I do not intent to sare ou or project an image of Barcelona as a dangerous place, but as any touristic city pick pockets are there and you should be aware of the most likely places and moments for them to show up.

    Enjoy Barcelona,

  4. tony said

    thanks for the info, we are going this summer surely they will have more thieves on the street, we found also with good local info and tips written by a local guy

  5. David said

    Nice post. Unfortunately now, 4 years later and the pickpocketing and robberies are still happening. I guess for people living in the city it is easier and it becomes very easy to realise which areas to stay clear of. Also i tend to spot the same faces lurking around the areas that have previously attempted to pickpocket myself. Raval and Las Ramblas after midnight should be made clear to tourists when they arrive.

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