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Hello world! This one is me…

EduHi to everybody! My name is Eduardo, and I am spanish guy living in Barcelona. I like to travel and meet people all around the world. This is a nice hobby and give quite a lot of satisfaction. The problem is that sooner or later, everybody who meet you abroad come to visit you in Barcelona. It is not a problem to invite them to your house, or share the car with them during some days, or even go out at nights almost everynight… The problems is to give them always the same tips…

This blog aims to give the tips I think they will help everybody coming to Barcelona. It is not closed to anybody! Please, help me with tips that you consider that they are interesting for visitors…

Evrybody is welcome to collaborate. If you wish to contact me, this is my email:


2 Responses to “Hello world! This one is me…”

  1. Joe said

    I’m in the middle of collecting a list of blogs and pages that I like and that I think would be of benefit to our readers at and I think the this site could be of great use. I couldn’t find any contact info so I’m writing through this comment link… All the great free advice that you found through the ipod guide, we also offer, through our website and weekly publications! I would love to cross-link with this blog, if that is something that interests you. Please get in touch with me at so we can discuss a mutually beneficial relationship! Thanks mucho,

  2. Lissa said

    Hi i love your blog! Im coming to Barcelona in September and am looking for as much information as I can get. Barcelona sounds like a wonderful city and Im very excited to go for my studies in the University. I would like to ask about the market place in barcelona especially around Cerdanyola de Valles. What type of food can i buy there and roughly how much is it? Thanks so much!

    From Lissa
    Sabah, North Borneo,

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