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Tired of pick pockets in Barcelona!! Some security tips…

Posted by edux127 on April 21, 2008

I am tired of hearing everyday, new cases of robberies, pick pocketing, thiefs, etc. in Barcelona! We need to do something, and I propose to collect signatures to present them in the City Council.

Everyday, thousands of tourists in Barcelona get the vacations ruined because of the lack of security in the city center, while goverment just car about ticketing bad parked cars or even the most evil danger of fast bicicle riders…

Since nor the police, nor the goverment are going to do anything by the moment, here goes some secuity tips to be followed if you dont want to contribute with your savings to the thiefs collective of Barcelona:

  1. Never carry with you a lot of money. The risk to be a victim of a pick pocket in Barcelona is extremely high. Bring just some Euros for the day, and leave the rest at the security box of your hotel.
  2. Pay a lot of attention to your personal things in places with a lot of people, as Las Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, subway, etc…
  3. Keep a meter of distance between and ANY stranger who comes to you for ANY reason. Pick pockets thiefs are not very clever, and they use stupid excuses to get in touch with you, like playing a ball between your feed, and meanwhile, they take your wallet away; also I saw once in Park Guell a couple of thiefs that threw something similar to a bird shit, and then tried to clean it, and the pockets of the tourists… I advised them, and avoid the action, thought.
  4. If driving, NEVER STOP by any excuse. Sometimes, someone will tell you that you have a flat tire. NEVER, NEVER stop! If you do, probably you will lose the luggage, and it is a really bad inconvenience.
  5. Dont explore the RAVAL neighbourhood. It is VERY dangerours. Zones to avoid in the center: RAVAL, and everything at the left of the Ramblas. The are inside the streets Via Layetana, Princesa Street, Sant Pere Mes Alt and Comerç st. I will soon publish a map with the DANGER areas of Barcelona.
  6. In restaurants, bars, cafes, never leave the hand bag behind you. It is better to fire the bag…

I will propose to add your comment about how you were robbed in Barcelona, the street name, and explain what happened. I will send it to the City Council when I have some of them.

Good luck!!


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Tibidadbo opens a new roller coster in Barcelona

Posted by edux127 on March 11, 2008

The Tibidabo is preparing the big premiere of the last few years. Back in the month of April will begin construction of the new roller coaster in the amusement park, which will be operational in October and November this year, as has assured the councillor of Sarriá-SantGervasi and president of Tibidabo Amusement Park, Inc. (PATSA), Sara Jaurrieta.La nueva atracción sustituye la antigua montaña rusa de los años sesenta y promete sensaciones espectaculares. The new attraction replaces the old roller coaster of the sixties and promises spectacular sensations. Para empezar, desde su punto más alto, a 522 metros sobre el nivel del mar, disfrutarás de unas espectaculares vistas de la ciudad de Barcelona y su litoral y de la zona de El Vallès. To begin with, from its highest point, at 522 feet above sea level, enjoy the spectacular views of the city of Barcelona and its coastline in the area of the Vallès.

La intriga empezará en la subida, que supera a motor 33,2 metros de desnivel hasta llegar al punto más alto, es entonces cuando empieza la aventura. The intrigue starts on the rise, which exceeds motor 33.2 metres to reach the highest point, that’s when the adventure begins. Una bajada de 37 metros con una pendiente del 66% te ayudará a conocer los efectos de la gravedad. A letdown 37 meters with a gradient of 66% will help you understand the effects of gravity.La emoción continuará durante un recorrido de 718 metros, la mayoría de ellos a ras de suelo y atravesando una arboleda que amplía el efecto de velocidad. The excitement will continue for a distance of 718 meters, most of them at ground level and through a wooded area which extends the effect of speed.

Aunque no llegue a velocidades punta similares a las de algunas montañas rusas europeas ni de vueltas o loopings , durante el trayecto, que tiene una duración de 85 segundos, llegarás a los 80 km/h. Although not reach peak speeds similar to those of some European roller coasters or turns or loops, during the trip, which lasts for 85 seconds, you will reach 80 km / h.La atracción, que tiene un coste de tres millones de euros, es apta para todos los públicos, aunque los niños tendrán que ser mayores de cinco años (o superar los 110 cm) para poder subir. The attraction, which has a cost of three million, is suitable for all ages, although children will be older than five years (or exceed 110 cm) to upload. Además, es totalmente accesible para personas con movilidad reducida o discapacidad. Moreover, it is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility or disability.

Sus dos trenes son capaces de transportar a 1.010 personas cada hora. Its two trains are capable of transporting 1,010 people per hour.Plantación de 190 nuevos árboles Planting 190 new trees

La construcción de la nueva montaña rusa supondrá la afectación de 58 árboles, 50 de los cuales se tendrán que talar y 8 serán trasplantados. The construction of the new roller coaster will involve the allocation of 58 trees, 50 of which will have to speak and 8 will be transplanted. Además, se plantarán 190 nuevos árboles y se creará una comisión de seguimiento medioambiental de las obras. In addition, 190 new trees will be planted and create a commission of environmental monitoring of the works.Asimismo, la obra se llevará a cabo con maquinaria reducida y se protegerá la capa de tierra vegetal. Likewise, the work is carried out with reduced machinery and protect the topsoil layer.

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No more taxi, more “bicing”!!!

Posted by edux127 on October 11, 2007

 Do you know “bicing”?

 It’s a new public transportation inBarcelona city. Some friends from other countries asked me if they can use them. I’m afraid the answer is “NO”.  That’s a shame but they are only for residents. 

To use this bike, you have to register by internet( bicing website) and pay 24 euros/year with the credit/debit card. You can use 5am to 0am from Sunday to Thursday, and Friday and Saturday you can use them for 24 hours. Once you take the bike, you can use it during 2 hours. If you use more than 2 hours, you have to pay extra charge.

and there are some hotels or hostals they offer bike rental like,  Barcelona Apartments

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All roads lead to… Rome or Barcelona?

Posted by edux127 on August 30, 2007

If you are on holidays and have any plan to rent a car and drive in Spain this weekend, I would say, “Don’t go now, postpone it till next weekend”.

Because you know, 31 of August, and it’s Friday, I mean it’s a “Operación Salida”

(Return Rush). Everybody comes home, oh sweet home, from summer holidays.

If you can’t  to avoid to drive highways this weekend in Spain, and to know how is the traffic, you can check by the following website:  Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) and choose the section “Estado de la circulación”  (means “traffic situation”). 

And also you can check the roads under construction and where exactly it is by map from this site: eTraffic

I know, the traditional way to get the traffic information is the radio Nacional de España  they have various channels

Radio 1 and Radio 5 “Todo Noticias”  by regional and local stations, though they speak so fast and difficult to catch…

You can use the podcast service as well.

I may sound like I’m repeating myself, but I don’t recommend to drive this weekend in Spain, if possible, you may change the travel plan and visit and stay one more night at Barcelona Apartments and move next week when there will be the less traffic and you would enjoy the beautiful scenary in Spain as much as you want.

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Amazing!! Barcelona in 3D

Posted by edux127 on March 7, 2007

A map company has created an amazing 3D Barcelona. You can move around the streets, visit the Ramblas in 3D, the Gaudi buildings… It is fantastic!!

 You can visit the site:

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Flamenco Show Barcelona. Los Tarantos

Posted by edux127 on January 12, 2007

La Historia de los Tarantos” is a work by Alfredo Mañas which narrates a man and a woman’s struggle to place their love above the obstinance of their respective families who are determined to thwart it: the Tarantos and the Zorongos, two gypsy clans locked in an old blood-feud and who choose hate, vengeance and tragedy over seeing their families united.
The work which in 1963 was made into a film by Rovira Beleta starring Carmen Amaya and Antonio Gades is set in the Somorrostro neighborhood of Barcelona in the middle of the last century; a shanty-town dominated by misery, illiteracy and individuals without a future, an underworld of outcasts which modern society had always shunned and before which it closed its eyes and put up walls to deny its existence.This is the setting, and the concept that director Emilio Hernández wants to highlight above all others. “We live in an integrated Europe with a mixture of races and cultures, and that generates conflict in a world that knows situations such as that of
Palestine, and this is why Los Tarantos is so current”.
And so it is, this play represents social commitment to the gypsy cause and to any other marginal group, as well as hope for the future against the obstacles to peace.Nevertheless, the importance of the social underpinning of this work does not undermine its artistic validity, a challenge seldom taken on from a clearly flamenco perspective.When you settle into your seat at the Barcelona Teatre Musical, you expect to see a series of musical numbers interpreted by a long list of performers who do not belong to the glamorous elite of flamenco and who will do their best to string a story together. But the reality is quite another as the talent and earnest intentions of these men and women who by definition are more familiar with flamenco than theatrical interpretation, yield splendid fruit. Exploring the depths and stirring the most relevant political consciousness…dignifying the primary identifier of the Andalusian character: flamenco.The show begins with the singing of tonás while a giant screen shows retrospective images of the Somorrostro neighborhood. The story of three generations brings us up the present of the action about to unfold. We are witness to violent confrontations and hatred between the two gypsy families in
Barcelona: the Tarantos and the Zorongos.
Ismael, the young Taranto played by dancer Juan Carlos Lérida meets Juana
La Zoronga, played surprisingly well by Ana Salazar. The young couple, rapt in passion, promise eternal love and all is lightness and joy until the morning after when they discover the rivalry of their respective families. Soledad, the
Taranto mother, played convincingly by Carmelilla Montoya in a marvellous interpretation, is surprised and fascinated by Juana’s dancing and this leads her to rise above the family feud which Rosendo (Candy Román), the Zorongo father adamantly refuses to forget. This is all held together by a running narrative and dynamic, attractive staging, with extreme respect and a musical idiom that makes this play much more than just an experiment.

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Great experiences at the FC Barcelona Stadium. Where to buy Barcelona Tickets

Posted by edux127 on January 10, 2007

In Barcelona there are hundreds of thing to do and see… One of the most exiting experiences in the city is to fit in a football game at the famous Nou Camp Stadium during your weekend. With a crowd capacity of just under 100,000 and a home crowd bordering on the fanatic, home games are always popular and you will ever have fun. If FC Barcelona is not playing at home for your planned weekend, you can also visit the FC Barcelona Museum (the second most visited in Catalunya), or maybe take a tour in the stadium, visiting the inside area of a football club with millions of fans around the world. You can see where Ronaldinho have a shower after the game, where Etoo give his opinion of the game to the journalists…

Remember that most home games are on Sunday evenings, so make sure your flight home is either late Sunday or Monday. However, if the TV rights are bought (especially for league leader games), the match can be changed to the Saturday night. Just in case, make sure you’re here for both nights, and we will advise the week before. If this clashes with other activities, we can normally change these around the football.

Here I paste a link to an official ticket agent for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Tickets

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Restaurant El Bulli from Ferran Adria. The best restaurant of the world?

Posted by edux127 on December 29, 2006

I remember reading about El Bulli four or five years ago in a newspaper. I remember the yearning, and I remember the pang that followed closely: considering the small number of guests that the restaurant could accommodate each season, the dream seemed out of reach. But a few years later, I learned from a well-informed friend that getting a reservation was a bit like playing the lottery: the odds were low, but it didn’t cost much to try (see below).

And so I played, I won, and this is how my girlfriend Anna and I found ourselves driving to Roses some weeks ago with three of our friends. My state of mind was a mix of excitement and circumspection: few restaurants have gotten as much press as this one, and I knew that the actual experience could fall short of my expectations. Fortunately, there was no need to brace myself for disappointment.

The evening that we spent at El Bulli was every bit as extraordinary, surreal, and more important, joyful, as I’d hoped it to be.We arrived at the restaurant in early evening, after a short curvy ride up and down the mountain road that leads to Cala Montjoi, and offers a striking view out to sea. A tiny parking lot, a small (and a bit scruffy) beach, a handsome tiled-roof house — we walked up the stairs and were greeted by the staff, who gave us a short tour of the kitchen and led us to our table by the window, nicely isolated from the rest of the room: the arrival of each dish offers a bit of a dramatic thrill, so we were happy not to get any spoilers from the other tables.

The tasting menu, which changes slightly every day, unfolds in three acts and thirty-five dishes: small snacks that you eat with your fingers, larger-sized tapas to be eaten with a fork and spoon (no knife, ever), and desserts. It is a fast-paced dining rollercoaster, with explosive flavors and textural surprises that await you at every turn — it is thus a good idea to take a break on the terrace every now and then. Each dish, or group of dishes, is brought to the table by a small squadron of waiters dressed in black, and while you are busy taking pictures of the new UFO that has just landed, the head waiter explains what it is (in our case, in excellent French), and how to eat it: start with this end or that, gobble it up in just one bite, or hurry before it melts.

There were recurring themes within the meal — seaweed, seeds, Parmesan, Thai flavours, Clementine, peach, the cotton candy texture, and Adrià’s famous esferificación technique, in which liquids are trapped in a thin alginate casing that bursts open on your tongue. Not everything was successful, and not everything sent shivers of pure pleasure down your spine: some of the flavours were quite strong, and it took stamina to take them all in with fresh taste buds. But every single item managed to amaze and entertain, making the whole experience quite dazzling, both on an intellectual and sensory level.And now, for your entertainment, let me offer a photographic account of the menu we were served (those with asterisks are the ones I enjoyed the most): 

Cucumber gin tonic* with candied citrus peel, prepared tableside with a jug of liquid nitrogen
Esferificación olives* (olive oil trapped in a soft casing to look like an olive)
Olive oil spiral*, which you loop around your index finger and drop in your mouth, where it dissolves into thin filaments
Mango leaf with tagete flower (a type of marigold)
“Animals”: seaweed-flavored rice crackers with a fragile, moussy texture that reminded me of Monster Munches
Hibiscus, blackcurrant, and eucalyptus
candy with a paper-thin sugar “cape”*
Sea lettuce and white sesame
Freeze-dried banana
crunches flavored with sesame and nutmeg*
polvorones (“polvorones” are traditional Spanish cookies — these were savory, and had a buttery texture that turned to dust in your mouth)
Mandarine essence: a silky soup of mandarin with a hint of mango
Caramel filled with squash seed oil*
Popcorn cloud*
Melon and passionfruit caviar
Pine nut tart in a meringue shell
Thai brioche filled with a lemongrass and basil ice-cream
Crab fritter topped with an anemone*
Liquid ham croquette topped with breadcrumbs*

Parmesan wontons in a chicken broth, plopped into a bowl of basil foam
Parmesan “air” (more like snow, really) in a styrofoam box, on which you sprinkled a freeze-dried berry muesli (this was our least favorite dish: there was too much of the Parmesan air, the texture wasn’t particularly enjoyable, and the muesli seemed completely out of place)
A fillet of
anchovy, surrounded with dots of variously and intensely flavored sauces and grape-like bubbles, and a crisp cardamom brioche on the side
Tomato soup with virtual ham* — thin slivers of tomato-flavored jelly, and croutons topped with ham-flavored jelly and basil seeds
Mussel spheres in a potato and bacon soup, with dots of double cream, and cubes of apple jelly
Bread soup with egg yolk spheres and laurencia seaweed
“The seeds”: tiny lumps and piles of various vegetable and herb seeds
zucchini seed risotto with capsules of peanut oil*
Ackees (a Jamaican fruit) and cucumber hearts in a veal and basil broth
“The sea”: a discovery trail of twelve different types of seaweed, some mild, some extremely bold in flavor
Crab Marrakech: lumps of crab meat in a mandarin flower broth, with bulgur on the side
Boneless chicken feet wrapped in sea lettuce with sesame sauce and froth*

Cheese and dessert
Creamy sheep’s milk cheese topped with a sheep’s milk cheese “wool”, with a wedge of raspberry jelly on the side
Liquid peach: a frozen casing of peach liqueur, and a spoonful of thin peach purée
Raspberry sorbet, verbena mousse, and chocolate* (notice how the plating makes it look like a snail)
Peach soup
Mango sorbet sandwiches
Chocolate bites filled with mandarin sorbet*We gave carte blanche to the sommelier, who selected five different wines for us — let us take a moment to consider how challenging it is to come up with pairings for such a wacky menu. In order of appearance, we tasted a Cava (Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2002 / Cava Augusti Torello), a white wine from Penedès (Xarel.lo Pairal 2003 / Can Ràfols dels Caus), a white Rioja (Allende 2004 / Finca Allende), a red
Burgundy (Volnay Les Roncerets 1998 / Nicolas-Rossignol), and a sweet wine from Montilla-Moriles (PX Reserva 1998 / Alvear).

It took us six hours to go through the entire meal — from 8pm to 2am — but we were in such a state of elation that it was hard to tell if it had been two minutes or two days since we had first sat down. I would like to stress here how pleased we were with the service: the ballet of dishes coming and going was perfectly choreographed, and the waitstaff was exceptionally warm and attentive, making us feel as if we were the only guests in the restaurant.

So, do I think that El Bulli is the best restaurant in the world? First of all, I’m sure I’m not the only one to whom the idea of one single “best restaurant in the world” seems ludicrous: depending on my mood, my appetite, and who I’m with, the best restaurant in the world can be the pizza place down the street or a farm-inn on top of a hill, just as much as any three-star on the planet. But dining at El Bulli is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience, and I wish it upon anyone who’s passionate about food, who has broad tastes, who is tickled by the discovery of new flavors, and who is happy to be whisked away on a flying carpet driven by a mad scientist, even if the ride leaves him a bit dizzy.

How much does dinner cost? The tasting menu is 165€. Add wine, water, and coffee, and you’re looking at roughly 220€ per guest — a reasonable price compared to other three-star restaurants.

How does one get a reservation at El Bulli? The restaurant is open from May until September, and starts taking reservations in mid-October for the next season. Around October 15th, send a reservation request by email (the email address can be found here), with the number of people in your party. You can indicate the day(s) on which you wish to come, but your best bet is to let them pick a date for you, and arrange the trip around it. A few weeks later you will get a response — the negative ones get sent earlier than the positive ones, so having to wait is a good sign. (How they award the reservations is a bit of a mystery, but I am told that it is mostly on a first come first served basis.) Once you’re in, you can jump up and down with glee, mark your calendar, and organize the flight and accommodation — just don’t forget to confirm your reservation a week before the set date.

Practicalities. El Bulli is just a few miles outside of Roses in the northeast of Spain, about an hour and a half by car from
Barcelona. It is a beach resort (and a rather ugly one if you ask me) that has lots of hotels, but gets booked up quite fast in the summer, so plan early. (We are terrible planners, so we ended up staying at the Sant Marc hotel, which I do not recommend. Insert shudder here.) Once in Roses, you can either take a cab to the restaurant, or drive yourself up the mountain road if you feel up to the ride back down, and if someone is willing to be the designated driver.

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FC Barcelona pass next round in Champions League

Posted by edux127 on December 12, 2006

FC Barcelona’s defence of the Champions league title is still alive after beating Werder Bremen with goals from Ronaldinho and Gudjohnsen. FC Barcelona have once again withstood the pressure and will be in the hat for the second round draw. And the tickets were sold by FC Barcelona Tickets

FC Barcelona had only one option this evening, and that was to take all three points from the final first round Champions League match against Werder
Bremen. But despite the tremendous pressure to deliver, they got the hard work out of the way early on with a fantastic first half performance. An extraordinarily cunning free kick from Ronaldinho, followed by a prime example of Gudjohnsen’s goalscoring instinct ensured that FC Barcelona will be in the hat for the second round draw. Justice was served, and Europe will be able to continue enjoying the finest football in the continent. We will be able to see more Champions League in Barcelona, and tickets will be sold as usual at FC Barcelona Tickets

Pressure and intensity

It was an exemplary first half performance from Frank Rijkaard’s side. With Ronaldinho leading the playmaking, Werder Bremen were surprised by the Catalan outfit’s first touch football and relentless pressure, with a defence that was giving nothing away, and a midfield capable of creating danger with every attack.

Ronaldinho the hero again

Ronaldinho’s opener was a peach. FC Barcelona were awarded a free kick on the edge of the Bremen area, and practically the entire German team gathered to form the wall, prepared for one of the Brazilian’s trademark free kicks. But rather than hit the ball high, Ronaldinho opted to slip the ball along the ground with the inside of his foot and right through the feet of the unsuspecting defence. It caught everybody by surprise, and the ball slipped inside the post leaving visiting keeper Wiese with no option but to vent his frustration at being outwitted on his defence. Once again Ronaldnho had produced a moment of unforgettable magic just when the pressure was really on.

Gudjohnsen in his place

FC Barcelona were 1-0 up, but there was no time to relax, because a Werder equaliser would still be able to put them out of the tournament, and what followed was a relentless period of non-stop FC Barcelona pressure. And Werder did not know what had happened when FC Barcelona conjured up another goal to remember. Ronaldinho switched the play from right to left with a sublimely perfect pass to Giuly who beat the offside trap to slip the ball through to an opportunistic Gudjohnsen to slot home from point black range. Just 18 minutes into the game and FC Barcelona were already looking comfortable.

Great football but no more goals

FC Barcelona did not take their feet off the gas, but the third goal just did not want to come. The most clear-cut chance came after an amazing run from Deco, straight up the middle of the pitch, steamrolling the Bremen midfield out of his way. He got the ball to Gudjohnsen who skipped and jockeyed his way around four defenders but his shot ended up hitting the post to rebound into the path of Giuly, who inexplicably managed to miss the open goal.

Things calm down

In the second half, the game took a somewhat different course. FC Barcelona played it more conservatively, and although Bremen never gave up the hunt, they never really looked like getting back into the game. Frank Rijkaard’s side was willing to let the Germans hold onto most of the possession, although they still managed to create the odd chance of their own, including one when Gudjohsen, having his liveliest evening in a FC Barcelona shirt, failed to beat Werder keeper Weile in a one on one.

Solid defence

Thuram came on for Motta while Xavi replaced the injured Iniesta for FC Barcelona, which added a bit more spark to a FC Barcelona side that had dangerously come to rely almost entirely on the defence, supremely led as usual by Puyol, and with Valdés not making a single error. Neither did Werder create much danger themselves, save a Jensen effort that alarmingly struck the FC Barcelona crossbar in the 61st minute. The clock ticked away, with Werder getting half chance after half chance but very little coming of them, as the 95,824 spectators around them starting enjoying yet another memorable night of European football at the Camp Nou, and looking forward to finding who they will meet next in their quest to retain the biggest prize in European club football.

Remember that you can buy your tickets for FC Barcelona at FC Barcelona Tickets

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Safety tips for Barcelona travellers

Posted by edux127 on November 23, 2006

Barcelona is nowadays, one of the most popular cities in Europe. Its architecture, ambience, the weather, the people… the souls of Barcelone atracts everyday thousands of tourists to the city. But also to a lot of dark people… Though Barcelona is a friendly city,
Barcelona do have its darker side.

Of late the city has witnessed too many crimes. Normally they are not violent, but small thefts and burglary, which sometimes causes big problems specially for tourist from out of the UE, from the USA, or Japan…However, theft and burglary are not confined to tourists only; residents of the city also face problems of pick pocketing and chain snatching.This is the biggest risk one faces on the streets of
Barcelona, Spain. Here you will find some interesting tips for Barcelona.

One should be alert in the crowded places, metro/busses and areas such as Raval and the famous Rambles. If you are just arriving be aware of pickpockets at the bus terminal Estació del Nord and train station Sants Estació. It is wise to take care of your backpack and handbags. Pay attention to sellers. There are many kind of them, flowers sellers, umbrellas sellers… Don’t speack with them…

When surfing the Internet in internet cafes, airport, even in the arrival hall, you may probably be approached by individuals masquerading as foreigners and claiming they have been robbed, and asking you for some 50 or 100 Euros. Be prepared to face this kind of situations.

Some of the places where you should cautiously tread in the city include Plaça Reial, the Raval, and the old town.

It is better to travel in group. Women when traveling alone should exercise caution in exploring the more isolated parts of Montjuïc. The city beaches, particularly the ones adjoining Barceloneta, have proven to be quite lucrative for bag-snatchers.

Men should be aware of aggressive prostitutes. Especially in the wee hours on Las Ramblas, often they are with thieves and robbers. Stories abound of guys’ belongings being stolen while their pants were down in dark back-streets. Be prepared.

If you are travelling by car, read this. This is the latest version of thefts in Barcelona.


If you are driving with your own car, showing in your plate that you are a tourist, be careful. The last

 version of robberies, which is becoming extremely popular, is that someone with a motorbike stops you and aware you that your tire is flat. Maybe the criminals flat your tire before and waited for your to take your care. However, someone with a motorbike will tell you that your tire is flat, and you will stop.


When you are out of your car, another person will come to you and will try to help you, telling you where is the nearest garage in Barcelona. While you are distracted by this person, someone else (the one of the motorbike) will robb you everything from the car, luggage, bags, purses….BE VERY CAREFUL


Caution should also be taken on traffic lights. At times incidents of bag snatching while stopped at the traffic lights have also come to light where thieves open the car doors and take what they can. Please make sure that you always have your car doors locked during both the night and the day.

For easy accommodation in Barcelona log on to:

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