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Posted by edux127 on January 9, 2009

For those who are thinking to travel to Barcelona, a friend of mine have created a new Barcelona Guide. The work made collecting all the most important information regarding a trip to Barcelona is amazing. The guide is still under construction, but now you will find all kind of information, really detailed information about all kind of things:

Public Transport

How much it costs, wich tickets can be bought, maps and much more

Accommodation in Barcelona, hotels, apartments, hostels

Tips about hotels, how to book an apartment, and recommended accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona airport

We answer all the questions you can have about how to get from the airport to the city center

FC Barcelona,tickets,stadium tour

All the information to get involved in the FC Barcelona world; tickets, tours, and much more

What to See in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, Gaudi, Park Guell

All important things you won´t like to miss in Barcelona

Barcelona Tours, Monserrat tours, Dali tours

All most important tours you can make in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona, Barcelona restaurants, clubs, flamenco

List of the most interesting experiences you would not to miss when visiting Barcelona

Barcelona Cruise information, hotels, parking, shuttle

All important things you must know when taking a cruise from Barcelona, terminals, parking close to the cruise terminal, lockers, hotels around…


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Tired of pick pockets in Barcelona!! Some security tips…

Posted by edux127 on April 21, 2008

I am tired of hearing everyday, new cases of robberies, pick pocketing, thiefs, etc. in Barcelona! We need to do something, and I propose to collect signatures to present them in the City Council.

Everyday, thousands of tourists in Barcelona get the vacations ruined because of the lack of security in the city center, while goverment just car about ticketing bad parked cars or even the most evil danger of fast bicicle riders…

Since nor the police, nor the goverment are going to do anything by the moment, here goes some secuity tips to be followed if you dont want to contribute with your savings to the thiefs collective of Barcelona:

  1. Never carry with you a lot of money. The risk to be a victim of a pick pocket in Barcelona is extremely high. Bring just some Euros for the day, and leave the rest at the security box of your hotel.
  2. Pay a lot of attention to your personal things in places with a lot of people, as Las Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, subway, etc…
  3. Keep a meter of distance between and ANY stranger who comes to you for ANY reason. Pick pockets thiefs are not very clever, and they use stupid excuses to get in touch with you, like playing a ball between your feed, and meanwhile, they take your wallet away; also I saw once in Park Guell a couple of thiefs that threw something similar to a bird shit, and then tried to clean it, and the pockets of the tourists… I advised them, and avoid the action, thought.
  4. If driving, NEVER STOP by any excuse. Sometimes, someone will tell you that you have a flat tire. NEVER, NEVER stop! If you do, probably you will lose the luggage, and it is a really bad inconvenience.
  5. Dont explore the RAVAL neighbourhood. It is VERY dangerours. Zones to avoid in the center: RAVAL, and everything at the left of the Ramblas. The are inside the streets Via Layetana, Princesa Street, Sant Pere Mes Alt and Comerç st. I will soon publish a map with the DANGER areas of Barcelona.
  6. In restaurants, bars, cafes, never leave the hand bag behind you. It is better to fire the bag…

I will propose to add your comment about how you were robbed in Barcelona, the street name, and explain what happened. I will send it to the City Council when I have some of them.

Good luck!!

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Tibidadbo opens a new roller coster in Barcelona

Posted by edux127 on March 11, 2008

The Tibidabo is preparing the big premiere of the last few years. Back in the month of April will begin construction of the new roller coaster in the amusement park, which will be operational in October and November this year, as has assured the councillor of Sarriá-SantGervasi and president of Tibidabo Amusement Park, Inc. (PATSA), Sara Jaurrieta.La nueva atracción sustituye la antigua montaña rusa de los años sesenta y promete sensaciones espectaculares. The new attraction replaces the old roller coaster of the sixties and promises spectacular sensations. Para empezar, desde su punto más alto, a 522 metros sobre el nivel del mar, disfrutarás de unas espectaculares vistas de la ciudad de Barcelona y su litoral y de la zona de El Vallès. To begin with, from its highest point, at 522 feet above sea level, enjoy the spectacular views of the city of Barcelona and its coastline in the area of the Vallès.

La intriga empezará en la subida, que supera a motor 33,2 metros de desnivel hasta llegar al punto más alto, es entonces cuando empieza la aventura. The intrigue starts on the rise, which exceeds motor 33.2 metres to reach the highest point, that’s when the adventure begins. Una bajada de 37 metros con una pendiente del 66% te ayudará a conocer los efectos de la gravedad. A letdown 37 meters with a gradient of 66% will help you understand the effects of gravity.La emoción continuará durante un recorrido de 718 metros, la mayoría de ellos a ras de suelo y atravesando una arboleda que amplía el efecto de velocidad. The excitement will continue for a distance of 718 meters, most of them at ground level and through a wooded area which extends the effect of speed.

Aunque no llegue a velocidades punta similares a las de algunas montañas rusas europeas ni de vueltas o loopings , durante el trayecto, que tiene una duración de 85 segundos, llegarás a los 80 km/h. Although not reach peak speeds similar to those of some European roller coasters or turns or loops, during the trip, which lasts for 85 seconds, you will reach 80 km / h.La atracción, que tiene un coste de tres millones de euros, es apta para todos los públicos, aunque los niños tendrán que ser mayores de cinco años (o superar los 110 cm) para poder subir. The attraction, which has a cost of three million, is suitable for all ages, although children will be older than five years (or exceed 110 cm) to upload. Además, es totalmente accesible para personas con movilidad reducida o discapacidad. Moreover, it is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility or disability.

Sus dos trenes son capaces de transportar a 1.010 personas cada hora. Its two trains are capable of transporting 1,010 people per hour.Plantación de 190 nuevos árboles Planting 190 new trees

La construcción de la nueva montaña rusa supondrá la afectación de 58 árboles, 50 de los cuales se tendrán que talar y 8 serán trasplantados. The construction of the new roller coaster will involve the allocation of 58 trees, 50 of which will have to speak and 8 will be transplanted. Además, se plantarán 190 nuevos árboles y se creará una comisión de seguimiento medioambiental de las obras. In addition, 190 new trees will be planted and create a commission of environmental monitoring of the works.Asimismo, la obra se llevará a cabo con maquinaria reducida y se protegerá la capa de tierra vegetal. Likewise, the work is carried out with reduced machinery and protect the topsoil layer.

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No more taxi, more “bicing”!!!

Posted by edux127 on October 11, 2007

 Do you know “bicing”?

 It’s a new public transportation inBarcelona city. Some friends from other countries asked me if they can use them. I’m afraid the answer is “NO”.  That’s a shame but they are only for residents. 

To use this bike, you have to register by internet( bicing website) and pay 24 euros/year with the credit/debit card. You can use 5am to 0am from Sunday to Thursday, and Friday and Saturday you can use them for 24 hours. Once you take the bike, you can use it during 2 hours. If you use more than 2 hours, you have to pay extra charge.

and there are some hotels or hostals they offer bike rental like,  Barcelona Apartments

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La Mercè festival 2007 in Barcelona

Posted by edux127 on September 12, 2007

merce2007.jpg  The Mercè festival(from22 to 24 Sep.) is just around the corner.

You can check the event program here.

 Though the site is only in Spanish or Catalan…

As I explained before, during the festival it’s difficult to book the hotel. If you come to Barcelona next week, it might be better to book the hostal/hotel in advance. I recommend you the following site:

There are cheap Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona and apartments in Barcelona.

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After holidays, festival again!

Posted by edux127 on September 3, 2007

In Barcelona, the new academic year starts in September.  Most people returns from holidays with sleepy eyes, without any motivation for work this week.

In this month, the most important festival is the “la Mercè”.

The Merce is the patron saint of Barcelona. The Merce day is the 24th of September. There will be the live performance, concerts, castellets, gigantes(giants parades) and so on all over the city of Barcelona. The official site of this festival is still under costruction, so when it’s finished, I will talk about that again.

 If you have already planned to come to Barcelona between 22th(Sat.) and 24th(Mon.) of September, it might be better to book the hostal or hotel ASAP. Because every year there are many tourists who can’t get the room to stay and they have to have a sweet dream in the street or to go clubbing all night long. Well, that is the another way of enjoy and the feel the real Barcelona life, though… 

 And watch out! The 24th of September, most of the shops in Barcelona will be closed!

I recommend you the following sites: Barcelona Apartments  you can enjoy your stay as if you were the one of citizen of Barcelona with full-equipped kitchen, living room and bath  etc…  You can also book only one room.

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All roads lead to… Rome or Barcelona?

Posted by edux127 on August 30, 2007

If you are on holidays and have any plan to rent a car and drive in Spain this weekend, I would say, “Don’t go now, postpone it till next weekend”.

Because you know, 31 of August, and it’s Friday, I mean it’s a “Operación Salida”

(Return Rush). Everybody comes home, oh sweet home, from summer holidays.

If you can’t  to avoid to drive highways this weekend in Spain, and to know how is the traffic, you can check by the following website:  Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) and choose the section “Estado de la circulación”  (means “traffic situation”). 

And also you can check the roads under construction and where exactly it is by map from this site: eTraffic

I know, the traditional way to get the traffic information is the radio Nacional de España  they have various channels

Radio 1 and Radio 5 “Todo Noticias”  by regional and local stations, though they speak so fast and difficult to catch…

You can use the podcast service as well.

I may sound like I’m repeating myself, but I don’t recommend to drive this weekend in Spain, if possible, you may change the travel plan and visit and stay one more night at Barcelona Apartments and move next week when there will be the less traffic and you would enjoy the beautiful scenary in Spain as much as you want.

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Music Festival in/near Barcelona Summer ’07

Posted by edux127 on August 13, 2007

If you visit Barcelona this summer, there are wonderful summer music festivals in the city of Barcelona and the around of the city.

Let’s check it out!

In city of Barcelona———-

Masinmas Festival (24 Jul- 5 Sep)

Location: various in city of Barcelona include. Moog, Jamboree, la Pedrera, Tarantos

all kinds of music and dance events

Festival l’Hora del Jazz (September, every Sunday).Memorial Tete  Montoliu                                                                                                               Location:Plaça Rius i Taulet ,Barcelona

Near Barcelona ——————

Festival Peralada (20 Jul- 19 Aug)

Location: Peralada Castle, about 7kn from Figueres, in small town of Peralada, classical music.

 Maçart Festival de cultura contemporània (24-26 Aug)Maçanet deCabrenys 

Festival de Guitarra Girona  (22 Jun-13 Sep)Location:GironaCostaBrava 

Festival de Música de Sitges ( 9 Jul – 5 Sep)              


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Amazing!! Barcelona in 3D

Posted by edux127 on March 7, 2007

A map company has created an amazing 3D Barcelona. You can move around the streets, visit the Ramblas in 3D, the Gaudi buildings… It is fantastic!!

 You can visit the site:

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Double Party (2-0) FC Barcelona 2-0 Racing de Santander

Posted by edux127 on February 12, 2007

 News from: FC Barcelona News

A better Barça won their encounter against Racing Santander. Two goals from Ronaldinho allows Barça to increase their lead at the top of the table. Leo Messi played his first part in a game for three months following his recovery from injury.A penalty save from Valdes, two goals from Ronaldinho and the return of Leo Messi gave the home support something extra to cheer about. Frank Rijkaard has continued to help the team evolve as he has done in the last few games; in as much as the team’s physical display as well as their efficiency. The blaugrana continue to lead la liga and even increase their advantage a little.Movement and consistency
Following the adjustments made in
Pamplona, Frank Rijkaard again put Rafa Marquez in the centre and paired up Edmilson and Puyol in defence. Other changes saw Belletti and Iniesta team up on the right flank. Barça played with fluidity and piled the pressure on the opposition, with Deco and Xavi dominating in the centre of the pitch and creating many opportunities for the attacking players. The first occasion opening up in the 12th minute when Zambrotta made a run into the area, however, preferred to play the ball back.
Penalty Racing were beginning to find their feet in the game, but by no means were they causing Barça too many problems. However, in the 25th minute, the referee pointed to the spot for the visitors following a foul by Belletti on Juanjo. The home crowd was silenced, however, it did not last long as Valdes chose correctly and saved Garay’s spot kick. This save was Valdes’ second penalty save of the season.Barça raised their game following the penalty incident and in the 26th minute, Barça created two chances, one for Belletti and Ronaldinho and another for Iniesta and Saviola. Iniesta himself finished the half with a powerful long range effort which brought about a good save form Calatayud.Stars Barça had it clear in their minds that they wanted goals, while at the same time they had no time or space to relax. Ronaldinho tried from distance shortly after the break, however, the Racing defence held together well and denied the blaugrana easy passage through to goal.Persistance paid off in the 51st minute. Ronladinho was fouled a few metres outside of the area, which he executed the free kick with precision to break the deadlock. His free kick demonstrating the Barça ‘10′ is one of the best free kick takers around, if not the best. Ronaldinho appeared very up for the game and it was the Brazilian again who doubled the advantage with a header from Deco’s free kick. The celebrations were complete when Messi came on for Saviola; the home crowd voicing their appreciation.Denied the third In the closing stages of the game, a new party began following the arrival of news from
Malaga . Barça looked for the third goal, Ronaldinho coming close following a darting run into the area where his shot grazed the inside post denying him his hat-trick. A short while later, he made a similar run; this time his cross being just a little too high for Giuly to guide his header.
Amongst the chants of ‘Champions’ in response to the Copa del Rey victory for the basketball team, Rijkaard brought on Oleguer, who received a rapturous welcome from the crowd. Barça came away deserved victors, stretching their slim advantage over the chasing pack.Click HERE for details of the matchThe goals1-0, Ronaldinho (min 51)
2-0, Ronaldinho (min 67)

FC Barcelona Tickets

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